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What is
team building?

Team building is a series of activities designed to enable groups of people better understand, appreciate, maximise and work with each other. Our team building programs are based around everyone having fun and working together towards a common goal.

Why is team building
important for groups?

Success for any group of people whether in business, sport, politics, entertainment or charity comes down to how well the team performs together. Team building is important to build a cohesive, functional, motivated and importantly happy team.


All of our programs are extremely flexible and fit groups of 6 up to 1000 +.

How many 
people will we
How long does
it take?

Our programs can be customized to meet with your desired time frame. If you choose for your team building to last either from just 3 hours or a full day we'll make sure you always make the most out of our experience.

What should
I wear?

We recommend you come with comfortable loose fitting clothes for moving around and exercising.

Shorts or leggings



Rashguard or lycra shirt


Where can
it take place?

We have various locations at San Juan. Our principal location is the Condado Lagoon. You can also pick a location and we will design a course to suit the area. If its an outdoor location with large grassed or open area would be suitable. If indoors, any large open conference room would work well.

Can everyone

All recommended activities included in your original proposal are a guide only. Some or all of them may be included depending on the time frame allowed. If you would like something in particular included or excluded please advise and we are happy to cater for you. All activities available are designed to suit the majority of individuals, ages and fitness levels. Although this design allows for maximum participation, it is always challenge by choice and if someone doesn’t feel comfortable taking part in something they can certainly play another role for that part of the program.

We will ensure a wet weather back-up will be in place. This will be in-line with the original program as much as possible and may just be a slight change in activity or location to allow for cover wherever possible.

What if it rains?

Cancellation fees will apply if your event is cancelled or postponed. You may also notify with at least 48 to 72 hours in advance.

Are there any
cancellation fees?
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