Creative Outdoor Experience

We have a great selection of outdoor activities, exercises & games that you may want to include on any Team Building Event. Choose wisely in order to get on the team the results you are looking for.

Scavenger Hunt


Teams must found all the clues and complete the challenges provided by our staff. They will have to think, design a strategy, answers questions, use their creativity, technology and complete different tasks  in order to succeed. 

Blindfold Minefield


You will have to guide one of your partners to get through a Minefield only by using your voice and your communication skills. If you do not direct your partner well, he might touch the mines and he will have to start over again.

Dreams Tower


The team should build the highest tower with the provided wood blocks. It's not so easy any of the participants can touch the blocks with their hands! They will have to coordinate to manipulate some cords in order to move each block and build their tower.

Build a Tent Challenge


Participants will have to create a strategy as a team in order to build a tent on a limited amount of time. Teamwork and communications skills are important aspects on this challenge.

Wood Skiing


Your team will have come up with a strategy in order to communicate and coordinate. The team with the best skills will win this Wood Skiing Race.

Team Bridge


Choose the teammate with the best balance. The one who get across the bridge faster will be the winner! In order to win, each member has to be focused on the teams goal.

Cruising Bike Riding


Ride around the most amazing location. Enjoy with your team the best view at the beautiful Condado Lagoon and it's surroundings. We can make it a Relay Race if the participants want to!

Toss Ball Game


Participants must create a strategy in order to manage up to throw and catch up to 8 balls in order to create a consistent pattern. This dynamic will require a lot of communication, coordination and collaboration.

Basketball Challenge


Choose your team members and compete in a basketball championship. Choose the best team players and defeat all your opponents.

Surviving Holes


Divided by groups, you must work as a team to fill up the cilinder tower with as much water possible before time runs out. But be ready beacuse water will keep pouring out through the holes made in the tower, unless the team plugs them all in time. 

Power Run Mat


Race against an apposite team while stuck with each other inside our power run mat. Do your best to get to the finish line without tumbling over or exiting the mat. 

Blind Snake


In a line and blind folded, everyone must come together and form an effective strategy in order to get to their proper destination. But it's no walk in the park. Communication is key for this activity to succeed. It could also be a race if participants want to!  

Holding the Client


Your team must do the best that they can to very carefully hold the ball (client) in the center with only the staffs provided. Be careful because it gets harder the longer time passes by!

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